Welcome to TrueInspire Education Community. We would like to welcome you to our website, join us and getting more involved in the local community with your family.

Our comprehensive program blends a rigorous academic and emotional curriculum with extensive extra-curricular opportunities in the science, technology, engineering, math, and community service. Furthermore, our educational field trips back up our curriculum, challenge our children with real world problems.

The mission of TrueInspire Education Foundation is to inspire and develop local community who are intellectually engaged, intrinsically motivated and globally aware. We involve, instruct and inspire each other to learn, lead and succeed.

Our activities include the following

1) Social clubs such as book clubs and speech clubs by age and interests.Online or face-to-face workshops, lectures and learning activities. Weekly workshops based on STEM programs, combine knowledge and practical activities, help children understand the concept with hands on experiences.

2) Outdoor guided activities from high-energy adventure to pleasant rambles in nature exploring.

3) Providing community services and volunteer opportunities, pairing up with other programs and communities to develop the personal characters of global citizenship.

4) Organising group tours

5) Sharing information and resources