About TrueInspire

The TrueInspire Education Society is a non-profit educational service organization whose mission is to deliver a continuum of educational and social service to youths and their families.

Historic Milestones

The TrueInspire Education Society for Youth and Families was originally founded by October 2016.
The Society was founded by two working moms who, at the time, were working on a Saturday learning program with several families to help the kids connected and learn with fun in Surrey . The program was known as “TrueInspire learning club”, a name that referred to its general working principles.
The founding staff members, Grace Liu and Diana Wang would offer innovative educational program that will inspire young students from different background, equip them with up to date learning and social skills.
Initial fund raising for “TI Education Society”was a huge success. Parents in Surrey and White Rock supported the organization by offering funding and tons of volunteer work.
Success in fundraising was translated directly into the development of effective programming. Stem club was the first successful program for youth. Volunteer instructors, program coordinators are able to set up workshops for youths on regular basis starting with 16 members. From 2016-2018, over 200 members joined the stem club.
Another educational program-Literacy club was developed later after. Initial program offers online French Leaning for students.
Youth program, Family program was set up by mid 2017.

The Society Today

Today , our Society has over 260 members throughout the Lower Mainland, but particularly in Surrey. The society has offered service to over 500 people through all programs.