50th-annual Surrey District Science Fair

Surrey’s 50th Annual district science fair took place on March 02 2017. More than 120 science exhibits and about 200 students intrigued and entertained shoppers and judges at Surrey’s Central City Shopping Centre in the 50th-annual Surrey School District Science Fair.

Students from Grade 4-8 demonstrated knowledge on many diverse topics; including “Mapping Acceleration Patterns to Maximise Golf Swing Speed”, “13 Moons of the First People” and “Microwaves and Organisms”.

A handful of students were invited to present their projects at the next Surrey Board of Education public meeting on March 9:

Hammad Kafi, Grade 6, Dr. F.D. Sinclair Elementary – Tesla Coil

Karman Gill, Grade 7, Cedar Hills Elementary – Microwaves and Organisms

Angelyca Purewal, Grade 7, Erma Stephenson Elementar – Impacts of Rising Acidity

Thomas and Jacob Mencl, Grades 4 and 6, Sunnyside Elementary – Best Foot Angle for Kicking a Soccer Ball

Robin Yadav, Grade 8, Kwantlen Park Secondary – How to Make an Electromagnet Stronger

The board meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at the District Education Centre, 14033 92 Ave.

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